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About Us

Northguard Insurance

We are not your typical insurance brokers. Leveraging an extensive business background and financial expertise, we go beyond conventional group benefits and insurance agents by providing strategic solutions deeply rooted in your business objectives.

As trusted, independent advisors, we take pride in serving both companies and individuals. By conducting a thorough analysis of your business strategy and goals, we ensure our solutions will not only benefit your people, but your bottom line.

Leveraging our proven approach, we are confident in our ability to uncover insights that other advisors may overlook. With nearly two decades of experience in growing and transforming businesses, we are well-equipped to provide holistic group benefits solutions, regardless of your business's current state. Our support extends to:

  • Growing organizations with shifting expectations from their talent.

  • Businesses undergoing downsizing.

  • Companies facing steep increases in premiums due to an aging workforce.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.

  • Companies navigating succession or considering a sale.

  • Organizations seeking to maximize the value of their existing plans.

  • Entrepreneurs in need of individual coverage.

Northguard Insurance is committed to delivering tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your unique business needs.

Our Team

Our Team

James Hirsch  
CEO & Advisor

James is an experienced finance and insurance professional having spent over 15 years advising Canadian businesses across a multitude of different industries and geographies. Within the group insurance industry, James specializes in developing plans that balance employee wellbeing, company culture and corporate budgets. He firmly believes that adopting a strategic approach to employee benefit plans, aligned with your business objectives, can distinguish companies and create stakeholder value.

Kim is the Vice President Marketing of Northguard Insurance. She has a strong communications and marketing background and is responsible for managing the company brand. She is committed to helping Northguard connect with its clients on a deeper level.

Kim Hirsch
VP Marketing

Al Ross
Strategic Advisor

Al is a strategic advisor to Northguard Insurance and possess over 30 years of experience in the group insurance industry. He is the founder of Rocky Mountain Benefits.

Henri Campeau
Strategic Advisor

Henri is a strategic advisor to Northguard Insurance and possess over 30 years of experience in general insurance, group insurance and hard-to-place risk. He is the founder of Campeau Insurance.

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